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Saturday Pop Up!

Connecting with the Universal Wi-Fi 

~A Two-Hour, In Person Workshop~

May 25, 2024, from 10-Noon

@ Healing Arts in Clive, Iowa

Cost: Pay what you are guided/Love offering

Pre-payment required: Venmo, PayPal or Credit Card accepted. 

The Universe runs on its own "Wi-Fi" system. You can create the LIFE YOU LOVE NOW, by learning the UPDATED ancient art of tuning into that Universal Wi-Fi frequency. And then the next steps are...well...SEE YOU IN CLASS!

   Pre-Payment is a YES for me! To register, click the register button at the bottom of this page. I will get right back to you with details.  

If you are ready to really dig in and change your reality, consider one-on-one sessions with  Guides, channeled through me. Together we will help you unlock the codes of your Universal Wi-Fi, and then your life becomes something that happens on your terms-NOW. 

Send me a message and we can talk through what that could look like for you. Your bliss is just a leap and a yes away! 



Practical Psychic Communication for All Levels:

4 Weeks, In Person Course for All Levels

$200.00 per person-  Limited Space

Wednesdays, from 6-8 p.m.

May 8, 15, 22, 29

Pre-payment required: Venmo, PayPal or Credit Card accepted.

This Course is an all-encompassing course designed to explore the fundamental concepts, practices, and techniques related to psychic abilities and intuitive communication. This course provides a comprehensive overview of various psychic phenomena and offers practical exercises to help students develop and enhance their own psychic potential. Whether you're a beginner curious about exploring your intuitive abilities or seeking to deepen your understanding of psychic communication, this course offers a supportive and structured environment for personal growth and exploration. AND- we talk about lots of wonderfully weird things, occasionally have treats, and you'll get to know your tribe. 

Register by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.




Accessing Your Past and Parallel Lifetimes


A Three-Hour Workshop,

In-Person @Healing Arts in Clive, Iowa

Friday, June 7 from 6-9 p.m.


Friends, we are waking up...often while we are dreaming and meditating. Now, maybe more than EVER, our "past" and parallel versions of ourselves are folding back into us so we can regain our power and Divinity. And once you tap into it again, it becomes easy again. Because it is part of our nature. It's time to remember.


This workshop is designed to do the following...

  1. Define "past" and parallel lifetimes and identify where and when they show themselves in our current lives.

  2. Engage with our Angels, Guides and Ancestors to create a conversation around why these other lifetimes are showing up now.

  3. Explore the potential benefits of past life regression for healing, self-awareness, and personal growth.

  4. Provide a sampling of techniques for accessing past life memories through guided visualization, self-hypnosis, and other activities.

  5. Examine common themes and patterns in past life and parallel life experiences and their relevance to the present life.

  6. Foster a safe and supportive environment for us to explore and process these memories and insights.

  7. Encourage critical thinking and discernment in interpreting past and parallel life experiences and integrating them into present life challenges and opportunities.

  8. Discuss ethical considerations and responsibilities when exploring past and parallel lifetimes, including confidentiality and respecting personal boundaries.

  9. Empower us to embrace our past life memories as valuable tools for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual evolution.

Cost is $100.00, Pre-Payment is Required. Venmo, PayPal, Credit Card accepted.  If this cost is prohibitive, you are welcome to create a payment plan. If you would like to provide some scholarship funds for someone else to attend, please let Rachel know.

Register by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

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