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Meet Melvon Posadas,

Audio Post-Production Editor,

Sound Designer, Composer, Video Editor, 

Graphic Designer and...

Audio Editor of Angel Talk!


Meet Eva Marques, 

author of...

Activate Your Cosmic DNA

Discover Your Starseed Family

     Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Eva on my podcast. Wow- I could feel her love and light lifting my vibrationgs as we spoke!  I am reading her latest book now and I LOVE IT!  I know you will love it, too! Eva will visit the podcast in the furture and I can't wait. If you have a question for Eva,  send it to me here and I will ask her before she visits us again. 


      Eva’s Latest Book  is“Activate Your Cosmic DNA: Discover Your Starseed Family from the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, Epsilon Eridani, and Lyrain."


       Eva’s mission is to help starseeds adjust to their human bodies so they can carry out their life purposes to assist humanity in becoming a multidimensional race, as well as preserving Earth for future generations.


     Eva Marquez is a spiritual consultant, soul healer, teacher and writer. In her spiritual work she utilizes her Pleiadian energy. She remembers the Language of Light along with many other ancient soul memories and works with her guides – the Lights of the Universe. They are a collective group of light beings from various star nations (Pleiades included). Eva and her guides assist starseeds to remember past life memories on Earth and beyond, to activate their sleeping cosmic DNA, and to connect them with their soul family. 

Learn more about Eva here.

Number, Numbers...Everywhere!
Are you seeing certain numbers over and over? When that happens it's your very own Angels communicating with you through something our human brains understand...numbers! Look up their meaning by clicking the link above. Enjoy!

Have you heard about Baltic Amber? Do you experience pain? Read on...
I met this AMAZING person at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair, Heather Davis. She sells therapeutic grade Baltic Amber jewelry (among other things) and it has rocked my world! I wear it for pain relief (headaches) and my kids will pop it on when they don't feel well. Please visit Heather's website to learn more about how the succinic acid in Baltic Amber can help you, too! And, if you can, purchase something from this wonderful person. Each piece is made with love and intention. I wear mine everyday- even when I sleep!

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