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Here are some things to think about before your session...

I am so excited to meet with you! Spirit will fill every minute of your session with inspiring, detailed information. Spirit will do the work, but there are some things you can do in advance to help create a beautiful experience. 


1. I begin each session by asking you what your goals are, or what's in your heart. It's helpful if you have at least two or three things you want to cover. This helps me begin channeling for you, and then Spirit will take the lead!

2. You are welcome to take notes and record your session, so take some time to download a voice recording app on your phone and bring your favorite journal. Note: If we are meeting via Zoom I will record the session and send it to you. This recording is for your reference, only. I am on the recording as well so my intellectual property and privacy are involved. If you want to share your recording with a family member or your therapist, please ask me first. I will most likely say yes. 

3. If you are a skeptic, please consider whether or not this experience is for you. It is hard for me to receive messages for people who are skeptical because they are blocking the information with their disbelief. There are many people waiting for my help, so please only utilize my services if and when you are ready.  Please avoid making "deals" with Spirit, such as special code words you want me to say to prove that I am talking to your loved one. When you do that you are making it hard for me and your loved one to come through. Be open to what they have to say to you. It will be specific and accurate. Trust. 

4. Zoom or Phone Clients: Find a comfortable, private place to have your reading. You should be alone unless you are sharing a session with someone else. I am not able to read for you if you are driving or in a moving vehicle. 

5. If you are bringing someone with you, or you are part of a group session: Remember, all present should pay the fee to participate. Spirit will have messages for everyone in the room. 

6. If we are meeting over the phone or Zoom, I am in CST.

7. If you are unable to make your appointment, please let me know within 24 hours. If you are a "no-show" I will still charge you for your appointment. Thank you for understanding. 




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