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Friends, I am calling into reality a dream of mine: writing! I have always been a writer, and now I get to write for the Universe and YOU...the YOUniverse! The Angels, through my dear friends Amy and Elaine, brought me this beautiful collaborative project: The Principles of Debbie and Goliath, a three-part book series. It is available on Amazon Kindle. Please buy it, read it, and share it with those you love.  I am excited to share more of my writing with you...books, songs, and oracle decks in the seasons to come ! 



The Principles of Debbie and Goliath

Kindle Edition

by Rachel Corpus and 29 more Powerful Women who collaborated...

    In the heart of every woman lies a story of resilience, a tale of overcoming, and a triumph of success… much like the story of David and Goliath. Yet, in our modern world, the challenges faced are often more nuanced, complex, and deeply intertwined with the fabric of societal expectations and personal struggles. The Principles of Debbie and Goliath book series is a beacon of hope and female empowerment, designed to guide and inspire women of all ages.


This series is a unique compilation of wisdom, experiences, and strategies from various women, including celebrities and thought leaders, each sharing their insights to uplift and empower. Each volume in this series is dedicated to a specific theme, resonating with the different stages of a woman's journey towards self-awareness and empowerment.


This series is unique in that it is 100% female empowered and co-authored. Each of the three books in the series will include 33 female Co-Authors and one female Celebrity Author. Each author teaches principles on how to conquer obstacles in life and how to handle them for ultimate success to become a truly global empowered female. Each Co-Author’s chapter focuses on the perspective of giving their younger female 13-year-old self advice, suggestions, and counsel to become an empowered female leader in life, and is sure to become a blueprint for the female teenager's success journey around the globe! Our goal is to empower females and empower our world in beautiful harmony.


Volume 1: Habits of Success


In our first volume, we delve into the 'Habits of Success.' This book is a treasure trove of practical advice and motivational stories, focusing on developing a strong sense of self, cultivating resilience, and fostering a mindset geared towards success. From navigating self-confidence issues to mastering financial literacy, this volume is designed to equip female readers with the habits and tools necessary to create a foundation of personal female empowerment.


Volume 2: Focus & Alignment


The second volume, 'Focus & Alignment,' shifts the lens to the importance of aligning one's values, goals, and actions. Here, we explore the art of maintaining focus amidst life’s myriad challenges. This volume tackles topics such as dealing with relationship dynamics, understanding situational awareness, and overcoming societal pressures, all crucial for aligning our female reader’s inner compass towards personal and professional fulfillment.


Volume 3: Global Female Empowerment


In our final volume in this series, 'Global Female Empowerment,' the narrative extends beyond individual struggles, addressing issues that impact females on a global scale. This book is an homage to the collective power of women, discussing habits and strategies to allow our young female readers to not have to reinvent the wheel, but to learn from our Co-Author’s experiences. It's a call to action for women to unite in their diversity, strength, and resilience to effect positive change in the world.


The Principles of Debbie and Goliath is more than a book series; it's a female movement! It's a conversation between generations—from the Co-Authors to their 13-year-old selves. Each story in the series shares principles toward understanding and overcoming the unique challenges that women face in today's society. Join us on this empowering journey, and discover how to turn your challenges into stepping stones for success.

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