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Meet Sarai

Have you ever found yourself looking up at the stars?  We have friends up there, ready to communicate!  We always have, from the beginning of time. When I was a child, I had visits from my "special friends" who would take me on adventures on their ship. Wild, right? Now that I am brave enough to talk about it, my special friends have come back into my life in full force. They speak to and through me often, giving me insight about the world we live in... how we got here, how they have helped us throughout time, and what will happen in our future. Many of our conversations are summarized or directly channeled in my podcast, Angel Talk.  Be sure to listen! I hope you will keep your heart and mind open so you can love them as much as I do.

Extraterrestrials walk among us in many forms- as they always have- and we will become more aware of their presence in the near future. They are here to help. No need to listen to the fear-pushers.

Sarai is a collective of extraterrestrial beings who gather together to share information and wisdom. Sometimes they show up on their own, and sometimes I call them to me. They look like light from afar, but when they get close to me they have features that I can identify easily, so I know it's them. They feel like pure love. Like me, they were created by God and they giggled when I asked them that., duh...

They shared their name with me in October, 2022. To my delight, I have been hearing others reference them in the media recently. This makes me so happy! I encourage YOU to send them a message of love, straight from your heart through your thoughts! And then look up at the stars.

You might just see something AMAZING! 

Do you have an extraterrestrial story to share?

Do you have a question for Sarai?

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Rachel and Sarai chat with you?

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